Time-lapse movie shows construction of a revamped Off Grid House

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He pioneered the use of lightweight folded steel in both furniture and architecture and experimented with lightweight, demountable structures that were ahead of their time. 

There has been a surge of interest in Prouvé's work recently, with G-Star Raw and Vitra combining to reissue his office furniture designs from the 1940s and rare examples of his demountable houses being offered for sale for millions of dollars.

Model of RSHP's Jean Prouvé house adaptation

"Prouvé is now recognised as the most important architect-engineer of the mid-twentieth century," Prouvé dealer Patrick Seguin said in an interview with Dezeen in 2013. "Before Prouvé, Modernism was [bent steel] tubes."

However Prouvé's demountable houses failed to help much with France's post-war housing crisis and very few of them survive.

Model of RSHP's Jean Prouvé house adaptation

"There was a programme of 160 houses, but few of them were built and most of them were destroyed after the war," said Seguin, who in 2013 joked to Dezeen that a buyer today would have to ask an architect to add modern amenities.

When asked how anyone could live in a house with no bathroom or kitchen, Seguin replied: "You adapt it. You can adapt it with an architect. Ask Jean Nouvel, he will do it for you!" 

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