This 1964 Designer Tiny Home Brings The Desert Inside, And Wow Is It Fantastic!

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Swiss-born architect Albert Frey designed a great number of homes in Palm Springs, but surely none hold a candle to this little glass beauty. The little home, built in 1964, is nestled into a boulder field on the hillside overlooking the city, and it has everything it needs—plus a giant boulder in the sleeping area.  Enjoy the 10 photos and a video at the end:

For a year prior to designing the home, Frey surveyed the land and studied the sun‘s movements, wanting desperately to incorporate every possible element of nature into his design. When it came down to it, building the house around a boulder was something Frey took on not as an obstacle, but as a design element to be incorporated into the home’s interior.

The boulder juts up through the largest space inside the house, which is an open floorplan encompassing the living room and bedroom.

Frey used the boulder as a natural divider for the sleeping area, and was so tickled by the boulder as a design element that he installed a light switch right into the face of the boulder above the bed. It’s an audacious move, but why else have a boulder next to your bed if you’re not willing to fully embrace it?

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