Bills Maryland Strawbale Home: As Ecco Friendly And Green As Can Be!

Categories: Tiny House

This is the living room in architect Bill Hutchins straw bale home in Takoma Park, Maryland, USA. The home has a lot of design features not often found including the raised bay window (below & right) and a first floor outdoor sleeping balcony (below).


Many of the home's parts like door knobs and railings came from salvaged sources, including materials via the non-profit Community Forklift.  

The home was originally a bungalow built about a century ago that Bill rebuilt maintaining the original facade to fit the city’s historic architecture.

The finished home, now 2,100 sq.ft. (195 m2) with a 700 sq.ft. (65 m2) basement, has four bedrooms, two bathrooms, two offices, a living room and a family room.


The ceiling in the main bedroom is made of hemp fabric. The windows and doors were orphans (unwanted excess building stock) sent back to distributors, saving Bill about $12,000.


The walls are plastered with a lime on the outside and a mixture of sand, clay and natural pigments inside....

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