Downsizing Is Officially A Trend, And Tiny Houses Are A Big Part Of That Trend

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As the trend picked up steam, more and more builders got on board, and building tiny homes with reclaimed materials has gone viral with it's own TV show and the man behind the dream at Texas Tiny Houses, Brad Kittell.   Brad is building tiny houses that captivate the imagination, and even though they're small, they are surely beautiful and unique!  


One by one they are built to his hearts content, and then they are sold to someone who loves and cherishes the home.  One by one, people are downsizing to something like this:

One of the difficult complexities to this trend is the fact that there are empty foreclosed homes all over the United States with no renters and no buyers to pick them up.  But people are tired of being tied to the debt load that caused the housing crisis.  They would rather live smaller and do what they can afford to do. 



This is an overall shift and impact in a healthy direction.  As global population has exploded over the last century, for each person to consume much as far as space and goods is not truly sustainable, and the consumer momentum needed a change of gears.  Living smaller and having less removes the stress of maintaining a large space and many things.

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