Steve Was Given Space On His Friends Mango Grove To Build His Home: What He Did There Is Amazing!

Categories: Tiny House

When most people imagine their dream home, they probably think of a large, sprawling vacation house that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. When Steve Areen thought about building his dream home, all he had to do was find $9,000 and a place to build. He did just that and, in a few weeks, he had a vacation home in the middle of Thailand that could make anyone drool.


Steve was given a place on his friend Hajjar Gibran’s mango grove to build his home.


With a Thai friend’s guidance, his son-in-law’s masonry skills and a lot of work, the team made progress quickly.


The basic structure only cost about $6,000.


In Thailand, materials are cheaper, but it’s still mind blowing to know just how little this cost to make.


The extra details and furnishings of the home brought the cost up another $3,000.


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