Esk'et Tiny House Is Not Your Average Tiny Home

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Robert Johnson, a carpenter by trade, along with his wife Bettina wanted to challenge themselves by building their very own tiny house, that would also honor the local land and aboriginal roots.

"We sat down to draw our own design, and we knew we wanted to create an artsy and unique tiny house, with a flowing interesting roof shape," Robert and Bettina told Gizmag. "We envisioned a house with curves and an open feel, knowing that our vision for this tiny home would be used as a guest home, for visitors to our area. We've called this first design the 'Esk'et Sqlelten' with 'sqlelten' being the Shuswap [an endangered Aboriginal language] word for 'salmon', because of the salmon-shaped roof rafters."

The 280 sq ft (26 sqm) wooden home is built on top of a 20 foot (6.10 m) trailer. The floorspace has been extended by a 6 inch (15.25cm) overhang on both ends of the trailer and an additional 20 inch (50.8cm) overhang on one side. Measuring 8.4 ft (2.6 m) wide and 13.6 ft (4.15 m) high, it is possible for the home to be hooked up to a truck and moved to different locations, however due to its extended shape it's the not easiest of homes to tow around, and not an ideal mobile home for those wanting to travel several times a year.

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