Enter To Win A 2 Night Stay In The Amazing Hobbit Hole, Chelan, WA

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Win a stay in a Hobbit Hole!

Enter to win a two night stay in the woodworkers hobbit house in Chelan, Washington!

Click This Link, and follow three simple steps to enter


Here's a bit about Kristie and The Hobbit Hole:

Kristie Wolfe is a superstar in my book of off-grid and/or tinyhouse people.  While working as Miss Idaho Potato, she managed to build herself a tiny house where she lives, and a blog to go around it:  http://tinyhouseontheprairie.net/

Shortly thereafter, with her traveling career and her excitement for building a little space, decided to build a cute little treehouse in Hawaii that has since gone completely viral, and is pretty much booked up all the time on Air B&B. Here is her video about her vision from about a year ago: 

And here is the beautiful treehouse she built:

hawaii tiny house.jpg

But now, Kristie has a new vision... something she's doing in Oregon, and it's off the charts with coolness!  Check it out...  

"Breaking ground!!! Digging out our first hole. Thanks to Will & Billy @CentralServices will get this wrapped today, I wasn't quite up to speed....yet. "

I'm used to working alone or sometimes with the help of my mom. The amount of help I've had the last few days on this build has been incredible & I couldn't be more grateful. These two guys where rockstars!!

Day 4 or is it 5? Barrel ceilings are no joke on a asymmetrical building but it looks so freaking cool!

The hobbit hole is wrapped! Everyone has been asking about what we're using to weatherproof it. We first did a layer of @certainteedcorp ice blocker then just for added protection we used their house wrap & pretty much the coolest self sticking, flexible flashing on all the corners which was a breeze. And finally we added a corrugated metal roof to the top to protect against the 6" of gravel that will go on top before its back-filled next week.

Hobbit Fireplace in progress thanks to the handy work of my cousin @danmitchell & his son @masontmitchell. This thing is gonna be huge & I'm stoked about it!

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