Hurricane Katrina Inspires New HempHome

Categories: Tiny House


The idea for GreenBuilt came about almost a decade ago after the victims of Hurricane Katrina were left without shelter, with mold-damaged homes and toxic temporary housing. A few years later, when Haiti was hit by a devastating earthquake and thousands of people were buried under collapsed concrete houses, the need to find a solution became more urgent. We searched for a healthy, durable, climate resilient material that could provide high-quality permanent housing as well as temporary shelter. That’s how we found hempcrete.

Our Tiny House Will Protect Your Health and Help Preserve Our Planet

Our design and construction team, led by AIA award-winning architect Christina Griffin, is committed to developing HempHome: Tiny+ as a beautiful, sustainable solution for healthy buildings. Tiny+ does not require the burning of any fossil fuels even in the cold, snowy winters and hot, humid summers of the Northeast. Designed to provide superb indoor air quality, superior comfort, and unmatched resilience, it will be the first modular HempHome to meet the stringent healthy building and energy efficiency standards of The Passive House Institute and the Living Building Challenge.

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