Tiny Cabin That Sleeps 6, Amazing!

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When some people need to get away, they prefer to frolic beach-side. Others love traveling to exotic cities. But nothing beats the pastoral serenity of escaping to a rural cabin deep in the forest.

What better way to appreciate the simplicity that Mother Nature provides than spending your rustic retreat in a modest-yet-elegant tiny home?

Tiny houses are great for a family or romantic getaways for a lot of reasons, but if closeness is what you crave, there’s nothing like staying in a space less than 1,000 square feet.

Take, for instance, this cozy castle nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Due to its small size, you’re forced outdoors into the splendor of nature to spend your days fishing or hiking and your nights wrapped up in a blanket by a warm campfire roasting marshmallows and staring at the stars. Yet, you have an inviting place to rest your head when you want to go to sleep, outfitted with all the comforts of home.

If a modern tiny cabin tucked deep in the woods is your idea of perfect vacation, we have found your ideal dwelling. This beautiful home is in Hamilton, AL would be the well suited for Henry David Thoreau — if Thoreau had a penchant for a little downhome luxury…

This cabin by Rustic River Park Homes is called “Chattahoochee.”
Rustic River Park Homes

It is 43 feet long and just under 11 feet wide. It can easily accommodate a small family or a couple looking for a cozy rural retreat.
Rustic River Park Homes

Although it’s only 507 square feet, a lovely 110-square-foot screened-in front porch makes the space feel airy.
Rustic River Park Homes


Yet, the high-vaulted ceilings don’t hurt the spacious vibe, either.
Rustic River Park Homes

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