Tiny homes for homeless hit snag; Huntsville officials concerned about lack of toilets, electricity

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HUNTSVILLE, Alabama - A feel-good volunteer effort to build tiny houses for Huntsville's street homeless has hit a government roadblock.

Huntsville City Administrator John Hamilton said Thursday night that the tiny homes being built by Foundations for Tomorrow present a "challenge" to the city because they have no electricity, toilets or running water.

That means they do not meet minimum sanitary requirements and could not pass a building inspection, said Hamilton

Huntsville City Administrator John Hamilton

While Hamilton said he plans to "continue the conversation" with Foundations for Tomorrow founder Nicky Beale, her dream of placing 30 tiny homes on an acre of city-owned land with a bathhouse a community garden seems unlikely to happen - at least not anytime soon.

"At this point, I don't think we have a site appropriate for that type of housing," Hamilton told AL.com. "They could find land through a private entity, but that still doesn't get you past the zoning issues and the code issues."


Hamilton, a former Redstone Arsenal garrison commander, said he agrees with Beale and her supporters about the need for more transitional housing where homeless folks could live while they work to re-join society.

A survey from last January counted 529 men, women and children in emergency shelters, transitional housing or on the streets in Madison, Morgan and Limestone counties.


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