Turning Wood Into the Ultimate Fertilizer is Easy With One of These

Categories: Homesteading

Finding the perfect land to grow a garden, that already has the perfect soil and the right amount of nutrients, is close to impossible.  If you find yourself in a scenario where your garden does not meet those requirements, this might be the perfect idea for you!

Jesse & Alyssa from purelivingforlife.com, recently begin the process of creating a garden on their newly acquired off-grid homestead.  After a lot of research and conversations with successful gardeners, they were able to put the plans into action with their own garden.

Because of the condition of their soil, they had to amend it by adding topsoil and compost.  They were in a hurry to begin planting, so instead of waiting to create their own, they went out and purchased it.

In their research, Alyssa came across a product called a Biocharlie.  This product creates something known as Biochar.  Biochar is used as an amendment to soil that can increase soil fertility and agriculture productivity - it can also be used to come against soil-borne diseases. It can help aerate the soil and retain a lot more water when water is limited or you just down want to water your garden often.  It literally can endure in soil for thousands of years. 

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