Restless Roots - Nova Scotia To Sweden and Back Again

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The “restless-roots” pack

After having lived in Nova Scotia from 2010- 2015 and then moved to north Sweden (400 km below the artic circle) we’re back where we belong……….Nova Scotia !!

It’s been a week now since we arrived.

We left Sweden on August 17th and I was bitter sweet to see our beautiful farm slowly disappear in the rear view mirror……….the countless hours we had spent on working on this amazing over 100 year old farm was quite something but we never regretted it and the new owners love it !

Our century old Sweden home

It was an awesome time and a beautiful place…………but somehow wasn’t right for us… we decided to move on………no regrets, no doubts……….just packing up and moving on.

Everything we own

A lot of people ask how can we just do that……….I don’t know, it’s the way we are and as it’s our third intercontinental move………somehow all the hassle (I mean packing and organizing ) in between,  is just part of it.

thank you…..and good bye Sweden

The drive down to Frankfurt/Germany took us three days and halfway down we dropped off our RAM at the harbor in Bremerhaven/Germany where it was loaded on a RoRo (roll on/roll off) for shipment to Halifax. We would have sold it but for the money we would’ve gotten we couldn’t have afforded a new one here, even considering the shipping costs……so the RAM too went back, where it came from as we had taken it from here to Sweden with us.

From Bremerhaven we took a rental car which we just had to drop off at the airport.

Why did we go through the hassle of driving almost 2000 km when we could have easily taken a plane from Sweden to Canada………well it’s at least three stopovers and we wanted our dog to have as little stress as possible and from Frankfurt there are direct flights to Halifax…….at least that was the plan.

She’s a great traveler and really easy going……..every night a different hotel, switching cars and locations…..she’s fine as long as she’s with her “pack”………and we really do everything to keep her comfortable and protected.

Walk on the deck

On Aug 20th our flight left and when we arrived at the airport with our four suitcases (containing everything we would need for the next few month, from clothes, bedding, dishes and cutlery for two….you don’t want to buy everything, when you know you have a container with everything on it’s way !) , hand baggage and the huge dog crate with all the essentials for her to have the least stress while flying and wanted to check in…………..they told us that the original plane had some kind of damage and we’d have to switch to a smaller one that for that reason had to stop in Ireland for refueling……… much for avoiding a stopover for the dog.

Arriving at Frankfurt Airport

Frank was furious and they offered we could take the next plane three days later………..but who know’s if there’s not a problem with that too ?!

So, we had to swallow our anger and hope for the best.

My heart always breaks when I see her in the crate when she’s taken to the departure area and it’s

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