Restless Roots - Nova Scotia To Sweden and Back Again

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totally out of my control what happens from there on.

And I want to say……I’d never take my dog on a plane only for a short vacation !!! But with this moved there was no other possibility but getting her on a plane.

We really just had a 45 min stopover in Ireland for refueling and didn’t even have to leave the plane….not sure if that’s actually really allowed for safety reasons ?!?!

Everything went fine from there and after arrival I took care of the dog getting through customs and Frank was left with all the paperwork for us and the container that would arrive about five weeks later with everything we owned.

After about one hour all was done, we picked up the rental car and drove down to a motel we had booked before and arrived there at 1 am.

It was a short night as we had an appointment with the seller of our property at 9 am in the morning who wanted to show it to us both.

We had found it online when we were in Sweden and Frank had flown to Nova Scotia for three days in Oct. 2015 alone to have a look at it, called me from there, said he thought it was nice…..although he’d just seen it from a canoe and we bought it………..50 acres of woodland in the middle of nowhere….perfect !!

That’s it !

So we grabbed some breakfast at Tim Hortens…….(.so nice to be home ) and off we went… the place that would be our new “home” !

From the main gravel road there is a small, narrow path in really bad condition (we’re promised it would be done soon) that leads almost 2 km though the woods and over a little river (that does have a nice little bridge) and then there’s a foot path into the woods…………which after about ½ km end at the lake…..a small lake but with nobody else on it !!!

The beginning of our property …..but where’s the lake ?

We own about 1.6 km of the waterfront and the rest belongs to a guy who’s never even been down there as he has 400 something acres and lives on the other end of his huge property on another lake……so it’s just us and mother nature !

We walked (or rather stumbled) through the dense forest and tried to get a feeling where we were and where our property starts and ends to get an idea where we’d actually want to have a house.

And that’s where it got difficult………..we have rocks everywhere and if we didn’t intend to do a lot of blasting there were not to many places where we could build.

But we were so overwhelmed (and maybe a little bit jetlagged too) that we just didn’t get a vibe.

We also had to consider a lot as we’d have to rely on solar energy ……so where set up that to gain the most of the sun and so on and so on…..

After a couple of hours we left ………..with a lot to think about………….and no plan at all !

The other thing was…………..we need a “home” as we couldn’t afford to stay at the motel for more than four days………….we are on a tight budget !

And……….the rental car was only ours for four more days too……….so we had to get a car.

We’d done a lot of research in advance and I had my list…

I love having lists……..always makes me feel good and efficient if I can mark something as done………and being over 50 I have to admit my brain needs some written support each now and then to remember things  …

so the next two days we where off and looking for trailers, 5th wheelers and Jeep Patriots (we had that one before and it’s perfect for what we need a car for)

But in the evening of that first day we had some friends come over to the motel to welcome us back and while sitting there chatting and eating Pizza………one of them said “ how does it feel to be homeless?”

Frank and I looked at each other, the dog lying between us and peacefully sleeping………..and  where really baffled at that thought…………as it had never occurred to us that we were actually “homeless” from that point of view.

We still don’t see it that way………….we might not have, what people tend to call a “house”, we’ll probably wear the same clothes we brought with us for the next months as everything in the container will be storage in another container after arrival…….simply because we don’t have a house or anything where we could put it………but that’s ok !!!

We used to think very, very differently and be all about being prepared, safe and planned out to the max……but if it’s one thing life taught us…………you need less than you thing ….and can never be prepared for everything………stay open minded and think out of the box………works best for us

So long story short…….we got the nice nine year old 5th wheeler I had an eye on for a while already in Sweden and the second hand Jeep was ours too within the next couple of days

The 5th wheeler was supposed to be delivered three days later.

I was supposed to meet the driver at a gas station on the highway and lead the way to us which would be an about 30 min drive.

He was there in time and I drove ahead while he followed me first on the nice paved road, which then turns into a dirt road for 8 km only then to arrive at a gate from where we have to drive through to get to our property.

Of course you can’t take that narrow winding path with a pickup truck and a 34’ 5thwheeler behind… you have to take a logging road that goes through a gravel pit and take a steep incline up and then eventually get to our property…….where he’d somehow have to turn and leave the trailer by the road as we still didn’t have a driveway into our property.

I had been watching his face in the rearview mirror when the road turn from asphalt to gravel and when I turned in at the gate I really didn’t want to tell him what laid ahead of him in detail…….so I just said it’s a gravel road that goes uphill.

When we reached the quarry I saw him stop while I drove uphill with trees on one side and the steep slope of the quarry to the other side of the road……

But then he hit the pedal and rumbled up the hill and soon we reached the spot where he had to circle around and somehow maneuver the big trailer backwards into the woods.

After all was set’n done he got out and while I immediately started to apologize for all the inconvenience he just started to laugh and said he had a hoot………..turns out he was a former army vet and had served in Afghanistan as a truck driver and driving that thing up there was a peace of cake………..see and that’s why you should never worry about things, in advantage……….waste of time and I’m sure caused me some extra grey hair ;-}

Home sweet home

So now we have our home standing there…….and we got ourselves a nice 6500 W Yamaha generator from Shore Cycle …..Frank used to work there part time and Justin (the boss) has offered we could come back anytime…….and also offered us to put all our stuff from the container into a spare container he has until we have a place where we can put it…….for free!!!! We can’t say how grateful we are to him !!

So we do have some power………..but still,  being off the lake for ½ km ……..we don’t have any direct access to water………so no tap water or showers or using the washing machine (yeah that thing has a washer/dryer combo………..but what’s that good for without water  ).

fetching water

And doing all the other business “when nature calls”………..well………….we got ourselves a gardening shovel and the woods will do just fine for the time being 

“business equipment”

We do though take a “shower” ….every evening in the lake as the weather is awesome …..and with nobody around………who cares 

our “bathroom”

We had an architect come out and walk over the property to see where the best and cheapest place would be to set up a septic system and would still be good for setting up a ground mount solar system.

As said……..we have so much land but really limited possibilities to “spread out” due to all the granite boulders without blasting.

Today we did have somebody out with some heavy equipment taking down trees and putting in a driveway and clearing about 1 acre of land down at the lake.


In case you’d like to have a look how that’s done:

  1. Start cutting through the woods
  2. Precise de-branching
  3. here’s where the house will be one day

Next week he’ll be down with bulldozers and some other toys to remove the roots and hopefully be able to create a big enough flat area where we could build the house later.

We want to have all that done as soon as possible as we’d like to at least have the foundation for the house in before winter, so that we could start setting logs in spring …..of course we first have to find some place where we’re going to be able to get 50 ft. long red pines……..we’ll figure it out 

We also have to focus on winterizing the camper and the plan is to build kind of a car port around it and insulate it properly.

We also need a wood stove that we’ll install inside……..that should keep us warm.

But there’ll be a lot of things that’ll happen that we haven’t considered or thought about, so we’ll see how that all works out.

But otherwise everything’s fine and we feel great finally being able to start into our new adventure !

Take care…………and we’ll keep you posted 

And never forget

Life’s too short… enjoy the day and don’t waste a minute !



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