16 Year Old Builds Tiny House Beginning A Mortgage Free Life

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Austin always thought it would be cool to build a tree house, but once he found out you could build homes on a trailer to make them mobile, he quickly changed his mind. Basing his house on the popular Fencl Tumbleweed Tiny House Model where plans can be purchased.  Austin began construction in July of 2010. He bought a trailer for $2,000 at a used car dealership in Oregon just a few hours from his home in Sonoma County, California. Over the course of time, Austin has slowly built up the tiny home with help from his father and friends. He’s gotten materials out of scrap yards and recycling centers as well as donations from family and friends. All of the doors and windows are salvaged and the wiring was scrap from an electrician friend.


Austin has it all planned out and thinks the lofted ceilings are the key to making the home feel more spacious. A sleeping loft sits above the kitchen and bathroom area, which includes a shower, a composting toilet, a fridge, a sink and even a stove and an oven. Austin even has it planned out so there will be desk where he can do his homework and a futon in case he has friends stay over. He’s still got two years of high school left and hopes to move in officially once it’s complete in November. After high school, the plan is to take the tiny home on the road and set it up wherever he can. 





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