A One Man Band And A Battery Cart - Just Wait Until You See Marc Dobson! (2 videos)

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Tonight 3/4/16, we ventured out to the Lee County Fairgrounds and are glad we did!  There we met Marc Dobson!  

Marc Dobson is the one man band, performing with a cart load of audio gear powered by 260 Amp Hours of battery to keep his sound system wireless and going all day long! On a custom drum set, modified many times over, he uses a series of steps and movements to play every element of his kit! With a harmonica in front of his mouth, a microphone to sing, a guitar to play, and a lot of fun and comedy, Marc manages to entertain audiences all over! I took this video March 4, 2016 at the Fort Myers Lee County Fair in Southwest Florida. Check it out and enjoy!

One Man Band Fort Myers Fair

We talked solar for a bit, and he says... okay, so I've got 260 amp hours of battery.  Will I make it all night?  I asked how many watts his sound system was rated for.  He says 3000 Watts.  I said it totally depends on how close to peak he runs his system.  The hotter it runs, the less time he has.  But 260 AH is a good bit of energy.  Sometimes trial and experience tells all.  


Check out his web site and schedule at Marcdobson.com!

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