Baltimore's Solar Powered Water Wheel Collects 50,000 Pounds Of Garbage Daily From The Water

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Inhabitat Writes:

Trash isn't a pretty sight, but Baltimore's new Water Wheel actually makes collecting garbage look cool and fun. Powered by 30 solar panels and the water current, the Water Wheel Trash Inceptor can remove a whopping 50,000 pounds of trash a day--a rate that the Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore hopes will make the harbor swimmable by 2020. Designed by Clearwater Mills' John Kellett and Daniel Chase, the solar-powered trash collector generates 2,500 watts of electricity a day, which is enough energy to power the average Maryland home.


Every year, stormwater runoff carries tons of trash and debris from the streets and streams of the Jones Fall watershed down into the mouth of the Jones Falls stream and out into the Baltimore Harbor. “I was tired of always hearing tourists say ‘ugh, this harbor’s disgusting’,” says Water Wheel co-founder John Kellett. “I thought, there’s got to be a better way than collecting trash on our front doorstep.” After a successful prototype and securing the support of the Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore, the world’s first Water Wheel was constructed in just seven months with a crew of less than four men.


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