Some Of The Most Beautiful Places Ever!

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Off Grid Quest is a tale about a world where the people knew how to keep cool, how to live happy, how to seek adventure, and there was once plenty of room in the world for adventure.  It is easy to fall prey to a system of life where we develop a routine and our minds are clouded with boredom and stress.  The development of electricity helped us to forget to do anything mechanical, and all of the world focused on bringing power to the world.  Now we live in a world that is finding ways to make power at home.  Like learning to write music, you learn first that there are rules, so that you can write with only your pen, and have no need for your instrument.  Then once you advance, you learn all of the logical ways to break the rules, until suddenly you grasp a glimmer of understanding that now that you understand the rules, you are writing music that breaks all of the rules, yet sounds good!  This is where we are in the world.  It is filled with rules that have made it possible to have infrastructure that supported electricity for the masses, and cable, and internet.  Then we began to find ways to detach from the wires.  With advances in cordless tools and battery technology, we have an inherent craving built into people to take the next steps with their utilities at home.  This is the quest.  The off Grid Quest.

Here's a recap of some of last years favorite places.  Enjoy.  


Croatia shared by Gordana Hudin?ec 


A very naturally wooded home





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