This Bride Didn't Want Any Gold Or Diamonds For Her Wedding: Her Request 10,000 Saplings

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An Indian bride who was getting married on Apr. 22, or Earth Day, decided to have a green wedding to celebrate the true spirit of the day. She asked her groom and his family for a unique wedding gift — to plant 10,000 saplings around her home in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh.

The green demand made by Priyanka Bhadoriya – a science graduate and resident of Kisipura village in Bhind district – was quickly accepted by the groom, Ravi Chauhan, and the couple got married on Friday.

“I have been planting saplings from the age of 10. When my marriage was fixed on Earth Day, I was very happy environment reminded me of my emotional bonding with it,” Bhadoriya told HT.

Bhadoriya’s demand was rooted in her farmer father’s frequent struggles with drought and failing crop yields that originated from the fast-depleting green cover in the region.

“I am happy after knowing that she is more concerned about environment than her own wealth,” said Ravi Chauhan.

Bhadoriya made the request on Tuesday, when her sister-in-law sought to know her preferences in ornaments and clothes – part of a ritual in the Gwalior-Chambal region, where bride are asked for their choice in gifts. 

Bhadoriya said she wanted 5,000 saplings to be planted at her paternal house and the rest at her in-laws’ place.

“The in-laws were surprised that the bride wanted plants instead of gold and diamonds. They thought she was asking for a few trees but she made it clear she wanted 10,000 saplings in place of jewellery,” said Brijesh Singh, Bhadoriya’s elder brother.

The newly-wed couple planted three trees in Kishipura village before leaving for Jalaun, where Chauhan’s family is based.

“We planted two saplings of mango as it is considered pious by nature. We will plant saplings on every wedding anniversary,” said the couple.

Bhadoria said she wanted to distribute saplings among other people, including farmers and social workers.

“From childhood, I had a close connection with environment,” she said.

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