Dangling Above The Jungle In Style, The Sky Bike In Ecuador Let's You Fly

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(video on page 2)  There's no question that seeing the rainforests of South America, with its stunning array of flora and fauna, can be pretty breathtaking. However, what if you could not only see it from the ground up, but from the sky as well (without being stuck in a plane)?

Now you can. The Mashpi Lodge resort in Ecuador recently unveiled the Sky Bike, which lets visitors swing through the trees to take in the beauty of the Andean Cloud Forest from hundreds of feet in the air.

Mashpi Lodge Mashpi Lodge

The Sky Bike somewhat resembles a zip line in that it's suspended from a cable. Instead of hanging from the line, you sit in a little seat and, like a bike, control your speed through the trees. This means you can stop to admire anything that catches your fancy instead of just whizzing by. In this part of Ecuador, you'll definitely see something interesting; there are over 400 species of birds alone in this rainforest! 

Mashpi Lodge
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