Earthquake Ravaged Nepal Receives A Welcomed Visit From The West (38 images)

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 A year ago we shared a story about a missions team who went into Nepal, trekked into the heights of the mountains and reached out to visit, to feed, to offer medical assistance, to pray for and with, and to get to know people who live disconnected from mainstream society.  

The team returned to Tennessee barely in time to miss being right in the middle of the huge 7.8 earthquake last year.  With a lump in their throats about those who they had just met, the team began fund raising for their new friends around the world, sending supplies and funds where they could, and preparing to return.  It has taken a year to get back in there to see the struggles, the devastation, and the hope and recovery that has taken place, but right now, the team is there helping, visiting, praying with, feeding, doctoring, and giving and receiving love with remote peoples of Nepal.  

Global Infusion Founder Jonathan Hayward is out there leading this team right now, and says:  

"We had the most incredible time in Nepal over the last several days. What a blessing and a breath of fresh air (literally) it was to be with GI's contacts there and the team from Park West. It was so good to see familiar faces, meet new friends and feel our hearts grow for another area on the planet."

"I dont know why it still surprises me that God always uses the people we go to help or minister to to instead minister to us and shake our theology and hearts in a whole new way. I sincerely pray we brought Hope and love and Jesus to everyone we came in contact with because we left with hearts more full than they have ever been."

The world is so small! It just takes seconds of meeting someone that has the same heart as you to be able to connect and work together for the ultimate goal of seeing all humanity serving God and fulfilling His plan for their lives.

On our 1st day we got to go to a remote village about 3 hrs out of the city and into the mountains. This area was highly affected by the earthquake a year ago with homes and their one church completely demolished. The people have had to rebuild and start over but have done an incredible job. Seeing it all puts so much into perspective.   keep turning through the pages....

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