Extreme Mountain Biking: The Places They Go To Do What They Do

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Love of nature goes hand and hand with the kinds of adventure that take a person outdoors in the wild.  I have come to discover that most motorcycle riders who go cross country do so because they love the smell of the outdoors, the wind in their face, and they're hearty enough to camp anywhere.

Yup... most Harley Riders are ex boy scouts and girls scouts!  But there are many outdoor activities that are attempts to get out in the wild... to get away from it all.  In most cities, people golf as an escape to open spaces close by.  Or they take off to wilderness and camp or backpack.  Those who earn enough money in their jobs end up buying a cabin out there near their favorite stomping grounds, but are unable to detach from the job and the city that pays for it all.

Then there are those who find a career path that allows them to be in their element and do their dream.  And if they manage to make enough to sustain them, and even to afford some travel... they will never go back.  The will go deeper into the love that drives them... and in this case... to the point of insanity... thus a sport, a professional sport is driven to the point of becoming an extreme sport!  Here are some extreme mountain bikers who go to the craziest place possible and ride their bikes... and love every minute of it!

1. Yungas Road, La Paz, Bolivia

Photo: teacherontwowheels.com


Back in 1995, the Yungas Road was officially entitled the most dangerous road in the world. An average of 200 to 300 travellers die here each year – including 18 cyclists since 1998.

It’s made up 43-mile single track road leads from La Paz to Coroico, Bolivia with 2000ft cliff drops and no guard rail.

Combine this with heavy rain in monsoon season and risk of rockfalls in summer, and you’ve got one sketchy road!

Why is it so popular with mountain bikers? Well, there’s a glorious 40 mile stretch of solely downhill riding with only a tiny uphill part.

If this isn’t enough to scare the bejeezus out of you, then try the Ayma trail near La Paz. Check it out in the video below – just ignore the terrible music and focus on the insane terrain!