Fanciest Camping Tent Trailer Ever!

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When we were young and thin, it was easier to go camping.  As we age and slow, or gain weight in life, the idea of getting up off of the floor loses its appeal.  Just as a young couple can go camping in a tent on the dirt, we old folks begin to use air mattresses, and eventually tent trailers, trailers, or motorhomes.

 I have lived in both luxury and in poverty.  I find that when I live in a nice home, staying in a hotel anywhere is a downgrade, so who want's to travel?  On the flip side, when you live in a small place, whether camping, sleeping in a trailer, motorhome, or a hotel, everything sounds fun.  It's getting out of the crowded little place and doing something different that has the appeal.  Having a small eco off grid place has a great appeal when the outdoors is comfortable.  If you live on the ecuator, a small place to sleep is fine, and the outdoors are never unpleasant except a bit hot and humid.  In Wisconsin, the winter cold can provoke cabin fever, and being trapped inside a small place for a long time isn't too fun.  

I suggest experimenting in life.  If you're married, you both have to agree on what comes next.  Build a playset outside, and add solar.  Ad a greenhouse.  Find ways to begin using what you learn here right where you are.  In time, you will be dreaming of what comes next.  Natural steps will come.  

Watch how over time, as you learn about homesteading, your camping trips become easier and more productive. .... 

Yet all the BS aside, this tent trailer is awesome!  I hope they make it to the states.  It would be a hit here!  If this is your company, you can contact me.  I'll help you sell these!  It looks like a great use of space for what you have to tow!


The Opera resembles the Sydney Opera House.  It is gorgeous and airy looking on the outside, with incredible features on the inside.


Opera Features

  • Teak Veranda.
  • 2 electrically adjustable beds that can be transformed into 1 bed.
  • A boiler supplies warm water to the kitchen.
  • Exterior shower.
  • Heated.
  • Ceramic Toilet.
  • Top loading refrigerator.

And the  Opera doesn’t have tent lines to the ground.  I love that!


The Opera was sold for more than 2 years in the Netherlands, Switzerland and Australia.  The last one came off the production line in March 2012.  Due to the economy and relatively low sales, production was stopped.

But don’t worry.  The owners have not completely given up on the dream.  Hopefully, the right investors will come along and this little luxury camping tent will be back in production.  And maybe it could even come to this side of the pond.  Until then…we’ll be waiting.

I’ll see ya by the campfire.

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