Fibonacci Tree House In Spain Is Quite Amazing!

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Fibonacci Tree House

Location: Spain

Fibonacci-sequence-in-nature-300x208.jpgWe have called this the Fibonacci Tree House! The organic shape was inspired by the geometry of the “Fibonacci Spiral”. This is a logarithmic spiral often found in nature, for example in the form of a snails shell. This pattern allows the organism to grow without changing shape. The concept also takes inspiration from Blue Forest’s ecoPERCH building and from other modern cabins and pods that combine an organic form with contemporary lines.

Snail Shell Fibonacci sequence


Built in Spain, the tree house provides a natural hideaway within the relative cool of the woodland. Fitted with a modern kitchenette, complete with a drinks fridge and wine cooler, this is the perfect place to enjoy a sun downer or entertain friends.

The Fibonacci tree house is finished with Larch boards and features a handcrafted copper fascia with rustic rope detail. The interior is light and airy with extensive glazing including a 4 meter long folding sliding door, blurring the lines between the inside and outside spaces. In addition to all this, the tree house includes a large external deck with plenty of space for a table and chairs and views back across the woodland and garden towards the client’s villa. 






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