Furniture That Fits - Just What The Spacesaver Ordered!

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When you are a land owner, you make the types of choices about what type of structure you will build.  If you build with cob, you might be considering building beds and shelves into the walls, and furniture is part of the structural plan.  If you know that certain small furniture solutions are available, more traditional construction can also be planned around the furniture.  Most homes are built with a dining room to fit standard dining tables.  But what if you had "morphable" dining  furniture that made your living room double as the dining room?  Then you wouldn't need to build that dining room, and your whole construction plan changes.  In the extreme small situation that you are living in an RV or a tiny house, then you know already that RV's are fitted with very custom space-saving solutions.  These solutions below can be big construction savers for planning apartments or small home solutions.  Check em out!

Faircompanies did a great job capturing the benefits and functions of these great ideas.  Beds folding into walls isn't necessarily new, but it is still intriguing to see!

tiny bed.jpg

tiny table.jpg

tiny table2.jpg

Now watch these:

Bed and sofa occupying the same space:

bed 2.jpg

Seats and table collapse into one:


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