When You See What He Did To This Gas Station, You Will Be Amazed

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gas station 2

This man saw promise in something that was fit for demolition, and poured his all into bringing it to life.  Watch this:

This was a 1940's service station that Michael passed by in the line of duty in Lake Charles Louisiana, and he decided to buy it and turn it into his home

service station2.png

service station.png

This is what it looks like on the outside now, but wait until you see what he had to go through to get it there!

service station3.png

The high ceilings and open layout is really nice

service station4.png

service station5.png

Michael Flurry is a Lake Charles Police Officer who found his future home in this 1940's style gas station.  Rather than demolition, he save it and with style!

service station6.png

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