Happy Independence Day USA!

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We are a part of the greatest nation that ever lived.... the one who found freedom and tamed the wilderness. We are also a part of one of the greatest transitions in history, where the visions that Americans dreamt and made real... are the aspirations of others around the world.

We have facilitated the creation of a world on the move, yet now that families and nations are intertwined, we question the costs of that transportation on our planet.

We are a nation where capitalism determines our direction as we all seek out the job that pays the best and the opportunity that creates a better lifestyle.

Wisdom understands that an entire world that lives as Americans live may consume our planets resources and output tremendous waste. This means that the example we lead by must be considerate of not just the monetary gains, but also of the condition and the treatment of our planet. 

The internet has opened the eyes of the public to peer into any sector of our ways.  I foresee a country who's future is bright! One that takes advantage of the new technologies in our hands.

I see a Washington Phone App that takes away the need for central buildings and meeting places, where Congress and the Senate can work part-time from home with little cost, and there is public oversight at every level, and States, Counties, and Cities can follow suit. I see virtual courtrooms where juries watch from home... with recent technology, changes are coming!

I see phone applications where students help teach other students with interactive gaming and visual aids, where students learn in an hour or two per day what they learn in 6 or 7 today, and learning levels are tracked and scored.... where teachers will be needed to facilitate sports, music, art, and nature hikes instead of lectures, tests, and grading.

I see the homes of the future... self powered and self contained, outputting no waste to our oceans. As technology helps us to fly, I see us picking up our roads and giving our forests more room to grow.
I see a bright future on the horizon, one that can be embraced! This Nation has a role to play that leads the world by example! Let's use the wisdom we have gained and the mistakes we've made to help others to be wise with our world.

Let us celebrate our heroes who have paved the way to the freedom we now enjoy! The Army, the Marines, the Navy, the Coast Guard, and the Air Force, and all of those who have sacrificed for the rest of us to live in peace.

Happy Independence Day America!

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