When You're Ready To Give Up Your Mortgage

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I have never been so happy as I am now.  I am leasing a home in persuit of savings so that I will be able to pay cash for a lot, and have enough to get me through the period of time it will take me to build my earthen or strawbale home, and get me to the place where I can live with little.  Many of us never intended to have our homes foreclosed upon.  I have heard recent stories about those who's banks went belly up who have stopped making payments because the transfer of lenders has made it basically Illegal to foreclose.  For those people, they might remain in the home they financed indefinitely without ever making a payment or being foreclosed upon.  For the rest of us, we must find another way.  

The game plan that was cut short by a successful foreclosure left us reeling to eliminate all the things that weren't important and leave the childhood treasures in storage.  All of the things we own really own us.  As I was able to eliminate them through the difficult process we went through two years ago, with every broken tool in the trash, another burden to fix it was taken from me.  This business tycoon turned hoarder when product quit selling found that getting rid of all that old inventory lifted a load like no other.  I was able to press forward and move on.  

We have spent a good amount of time off the grid, and I grew up in the mountains, so Mountain Living is a part of me.

Today, yes we are in-between where we were and where we hope to be, but never as content and happy as we are now.  We are close to family, the kids are in good schools, and we hope to one day again buy and build.  Don't be afraid to let go of things, and believe me, I know how much they hold us in their grip.  Be prepared to live small and sleep well knowing tomorrow costs little, and travel comes easy.  

That's the place where the music writing begins again, the headaches stop, working in the yard brings big muscles that feel great, and the laughter from the kids playing outdoors instead of on the XBOX becomes a sound more common.  

I enjoy preparing this page for those still off the grid, for those persuing, for those once there.  Sometimes being close to family is more important than escaping off the grid.  I never meant for this to be a place to go, but a highlighting of those who do it well.  I want to learn from those who do, and help to excite the techs that make things better and greener and safer.  I look towards a fututure that costs little to survive, so we may have more enjoyment time and less daily stress.  

me face shotWe will vote in those who are proactively seeking to better peoples lives by giving them purpose and ownership and making it easy to work for oneself, and shut out those who are closed minded and seek to take away free will, property ownership, free speech, and who are entrenched in routine instead of being open to change.  

We adults have learned that our children understand the uses of new technologies better sometimes than we do.  We must listen to our youth as they absorb what we have handed them, and encourage a better world for all.  



David Webster


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