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Sun Boxes app, that will allow 20 people to go out somewhere and recreate the audio of SB with mobile devices. I’ve been working with Filmmaker Kevin Belli for 2 years filming SB in exotic locales. The plan is to make a 20 minute documentary about the piece and then also make a multi-screen presentation of Sun Boxes in different environments. An installation of the installation.

Is there an ideal way to experience Sun Boxes?
CC. One thing I keep noticing is how different SB sounds and feels in different locations. It interacts with the landscape so much that it really is different everywhere we go. I just did a few days in Martha’s Vineyard finishing up a film about SB, and in the span of a few days and a few miles the piece was on a farm, on a beach, in front of a gallery and on another beach. It looked and sounded different in every spot. I’ve been listening to the audio and it’s amazing to hear chickens and goats from the farm and to hear the waves crashing in the background of the Beaches. I’ve started to work on SB the 2XLP; the goal is to record Sun Boxes in a different season in a different state. And release it on vinyl with digital downloads. I love the idea of 4 seasons, 4 states, 4 sides.

Effectively the piece has no beginning or end, or, if it does it depends on when the sun is out. How important is duration in your work and are you suggesting that nature is really controlling technology?

CC. The duration is important in all my pieces; Sun Boxes from start to finish is several months. That’s with sun and no participants getting in the way. As far as I know there isn’t anywhere on the planet where this can happen. So we’re on the verge of impossible. What I love is the interaction with Mother Nature. I feel like Sun Boxes is a system that interacts with the sun, wind, trees, birds, ocean… I would say I’m suggesting Nature as a worthwhile collaborator. I have a collection of great SB moments that I would have never come up with. Sometimes it’s better to sit back and see what unfolds rather than demand results.

Is there an overriding message in the piece you would like to convey?

CC. Since there aren’t any batteries SB needs sun to work so I am very aware of nature. I would say I am humbled by nature constantly. When I wake up in the morning it’s either a good day for Sun Boxes or not. When the clouds cover the sun sometimes the sound of Sun Boxes stops. Sometimes you don’t get what you want when you want it. It’s nice to be reminded of this.

Are there any plans in the future to expand Sun Boxes in terms of its scale?
CC. Originally I wanted to do 100-speaker version. I settled for the 20 speakers I have now. There is a 7″ of two field recordings from Massachusetts to be released 10.31.11. I’d like to keep document the piece in several ways including the 2XLP as well as a book and plan to finish up the film this winter. The website is going well and I hope to have the app soon.

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