It's Amazing To Watch As This Whole Community Works Together To Save This Baby

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In NEW DELHI - Foresters and villagers worked together in this difficult elephant rescue operation in the Indian village of Kerala. This young elephant fell into the water and could not get himself out.

The young elephant unfortunately fell into the well in the woods during a walk with his mother and the entire herd today. The villagers noticed the tormented and distraught elephant, and alerted the community in order to try to rescue him from the pit. They tried a number of techniques which finally resulted in bringing in a large Cat to dig a pathway for the baby elephant to get out.

The efforts of the good people working together and coming down to help get the little guy out paid off, and once out of the pit, he fled back into the forest. It's unknown if he was able to reconnect with the herd, but this is a beautiful story of the unity and connectedness that happens when people came together to help. According to foresters he did not suffer any injuries.


Watch the video above as this beautiful story unfolds:

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