It's Yours, It's Free, And All You Have To Do Is Come And Get It

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This awesome playhouse goes to whoever can pick it up and take it:

I'm looking for someone who has the tools and the friends to take it away, and who really wants it.  There's a lot of good lumber here, or a great playhouse.  Either way, it's pretty awesome!

Some of you may remember me posting pictures of it.  I never finished it. When  the hailstorms hit Oklahoma year before last, my work picked up in the roofing business, and I worked away from home for months on end.  It sat incomplete.  But the kids didn't notice.  They clammored and climbed to their hearts content.  We are now moving close to opportunities that will facilitate some great things in natural power innovations.  Meanwhile I have posted the playhouse, or all this great lumber for someone to come and get on craigslist and facebook.  The catch?  You have to take it apart and haul it away!  

Those who arrive are dumbfounded by the sheer size of it, and they leave not wanting to get part way done and not finish the job.  One wife was worried her husband was biting off more than he could chew, and she didn't want to wait around for him to disassemble it.  He took out a few screws, then asked for his money back.  

So we're down to the wire, and leaving soon.   If you want it, come and get it.  Bring a couple cordless drills, some phillips bits, a socket set and socket bits for the drill and three or four helpers, and a big flatbed trailer, and you can have it.  I just need it gone, and it would make great material for a deck or a tiny house, or someone else's dreamy playset.    If you need a couple days to get it done, that can be arranged.  

Your kids will love you for it!


I have some roofing material if you want to finish the second layer up top as I had dreamed, and I have some concrete fiber siding you can have cheap that I had planned for the walls upstairs.  

Message me at if you're close to Owasso, and this is for you!  This is for today in the drizzle or tomorrow when the rain lets up.  It's yours, it's free, and all you have to do is come and get it.  :)  

Most people who move find themselves down to the wire at some point or another, and just start giving things away.  We're there, and you can find others in the same boat in your neck of the woods.  There are free and cheap things out there everywhere.  The more we give good things a second life, the less waste.  Social media has done a great thing by making it possible to share and share around much easier than it used to be.   

Now go find something cool secondhand and post it below.  I would love to see what you're finding out there on this Memorial Day weekend!


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