Steven Tyler's New Country Song With Off The Grid, Gypsy, Hippie Music Video Goes Viral

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In this great new music video, Steven Tyler is no stranger to the trends sweeping our planet.  It is a return to Hippie with an Off The Grid twist.  It is loving nature, home and family grown.

With the addition of the Gypsy wagon, a drum circle in the field, and the shot of him standing in front of the giant tree, Steven portrays a human love and care for nature while singing country about love.

 In one fellow swoop, he mingles the hippie crowd with country music, and manages to bring multiple genres together into one audience, while sending a message of love for nature, togetherness, wide open spaces, and mother nature.


Sometimes it takes music and musicians to help unite us, just as many stars did years ago with "We Are The World."  

Great job Steven!  A nice twist in the right direction!

Enjoy the music .... and the video!


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