21 Amazing She-Sheds: A Woman's Answer To The Man Cave

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#1  A Sweet Shop Good Enough To Eat!

Belinda Brown, 43, lives with husband Andrew, 47, and their two children in Epsom, Surrey, where she runs a business from home.

When we moved into our house ten years ago, the shed at the end of the garden was rather ramshackle. I had always wanted to turn it into something special, but it was only a couple of years ago that it became my duck egg blue ‘girl’s pad’.  You won’t find any filthy trowels. Instead there are cushions, strawberry-print curtains, bunting and fairy lights. 

The children decided to call it the Sweet Shop — not because it’s full of toffees and bonbons, but because it looks good enough to eat.  The shed has helped me to build my own business, making replica wooden blue plaques, like the ones you see on historic buildings. I wanted one for my shed, but couldn’t find anything suitable so made my own and it’s gone from there. I’m down here most days, making plaques or having a potter around. 

And  I can keep an eye on the children playing in the garden.

#2  Fifties Tribute To Mum & Dad

Ann Bate, 46, lives in St Helens, Merseyside, with her husband Ian, 48. They own a launderette and have two adult daughters.

"My parents loved the Fifties, and three years ago I decided to buy and decorate this shed in  tribute to them.  I miss my late parents desperately and creating the perfect Fifties diner has made me feel still close to them. I know they would have loved it. I’ve spent £10,000 on it, including buying a working jukebox, popcorn maker, retro fridge, original Fifties radio, phone and light-up petrol pump, which was used at Silverstone race course."

"We had the inside of the shed plastered and insulated so it stays warm in the winter and cool in the summer, and bright spotlights  fitted to the outside and inside. I’ve also had a special plaque made with my parents’ names on it, which I’ve hung above the door. I find most of the things for the shed at old car boot sales and I’ve been given bits and pieces by friends, who think the Fifties-themed parties I throw there are brilliant (though our neighbours don’t tend to agree)."

"We had one recently where everyone came dressed up as teddy boys, Buddy Holly or characters from Grease. If my parents could have seen us, they would have smiled."

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