What's In A Tree House?

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So what's in a treehouse you say? Nostalgia, fun, excitement, code free in most instances. It's not til you start wiring up electrical and heat and air that you get much trouble, but if you manage to run it off solar panels, it's not likely to get much regulation there anyhow since you're not tied into utilities. Part of the difficulty in life is that we spend our childhoods enjoying everything, and many of us didn't have the money to do what we dreamt. When we get older, we hope to have the money to do those great fun things before we're too old and our legs and backs give out and we can't see or hear any more. We're in a race against the clock to do what we think is enjoyable in life.

It's usually about two or three years of fun on a Harley Davidson Motorcycle before a man ends up in a wheelchair simply because he finally saved up the money to buy his dream bike by the time he reached 72. The treehouse is the same way! Oh so much fun! You want to build it while you can still climb the rope ladder. Otherwise, it may be time for stairs... or later yet in life... a ramp over from the house.


Either way, the nostalgia and fun of it makes it simply amazing. Build it and let the kids have their fun.... but the lines have been blurred as to what a treehouse is for! So many of them are being built more like a home than a treehouse, that you can live there if you want to!


I am so enjoying watching the kids have a blast in the fort that I built for them. I'm still trying to get it done! The word finished, however, doesn't exist in my vocabulary. So after the fort is done, I think it's on to another bridge or a roller coaster in the back yard!


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