Bassist For Red Hot Chili Peppers Starts Apiary To Save The Bees

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Morgan Freeman isn’t the only celebrity activist investing his time in beekeeping. According to TMZ, Flea, the bassist for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, started his own apiary late 2015 and is already managing over 200,000 insects.

The beekeeper posted numerous photos of himself and the bees on his social media accounts, sharing that his backyard is home to three hives with over 60,000 bees apiece.

This outstanding activism has been commended by many, and for good reason. The honeybee population has steadily and staggeringly decreased over the past few decades, a decline many refer to as ‘Colony Collapse’.


This concern, as well as Flea’s unabashed “love” for bees – “Pleezus more beezus,” inspired Flea to start the apiary. “Me about to get busy with my beautiful little bees that I love,” he wrote in June.

Some believe that the neonicotinoids used in pesticides are to blame for Colony Collapse, and others suspect that the bombardment of EMF frequencies also plays a role in the travesty.

While scientists discern the cause of the environmental disaster, at least activists like Flea and Freeman are stepping up to raise awareness about the issue while reaping the benefits of managing an apiary.

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