Teaching An Eagle To Fly - Learning His Point Of View - A Hero On The Rise

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This is the story of an unlikely encounter between ROÏ the last White-tailed Eagle in the wild living in the Alps and KAABA a bird of the same species that has spent most of its life captive. ROÏ shares the magic of his majestic flights but also the harsh realities of its lonely existence. KAABA, with the help of one man who is going to change her destiny, undergoes an astonishing learning process on the way to Freedom. Gradually both birds will meet in the wild, get to know each other, learn from one another and combine their innate and acquired skills to create a unique bond for generations…

In this film, new shooting techniques have been used to capture unprecedented shots of the birds’ flights and in action, providing a genuine immersive experience for the audience as rarely seen on camera, literally flying on the wings of the birds. It is also a tale of our times about living in the Wild, an ode to freedom, conveyed through the most spectacular aerial imagery.

In this Eagle point of view, watch in Paris as Victor filmed these amazing images with the Eagle flying from atop the Eiffel tower.  Notice how good the Eagle's vision must be to notice him beckoning below!  Where's that eagle cameraman for the Superbowl tomorrow?


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