Digital Nomad Wanted - Who wants to break free from their 9-5 job and roam the planet?

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"Australian company paying between 50-$110k to live or travel wherever you want. Check out the video. 

"We’re hiring and it’s probably the best job ever."

Bring your passport. We’ll give you the laptop. The world is your office.

We’re looking for a digital nomad who wants to break free from their 9-5 job and roam the planet working from wherever they damn-well please.

According to Memobottle:

"If you’re longing for the ability to explore and work from anywhere then this is the job for you. Break free from your 9-5 and become a digital nomad.

We’re looking for a legendary Sales & Relationship Master!

Bring your passport, we’ll give you a laptop and you can work from anywhere you damn-well please.

At memobottle we firmly believe that creativity isn’t produced within four white walls of an office. We want you to be discovering new retailers along your journeys across this big wide world.

Want to feed your creative side too? We’d love you to help create compelling social media posts along your travels and help document the many landscapes, cityscapes and cultures of our amazing planet.

You’ll be tasked with helping us grow our brand globally by expanding and nurturing our retailer network. Are you ready for the time of your life?"

Here's the link... check it out...


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