Vietnamese Men Emerge From Jungle 40 Years After War, Having No Outside Contact

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The two men who had lived 40 years in isolation in a central Vietnam’s forest, and who were brought back to civilization Wednesday has a close relative who told Tuoi Tre their story. It turns out that this relative knew their whereabouts all along but failed to persuade them to return to normal life.

>> 2 jungle men found after 40 years living in Vietnam forest 

• The two jungle men were brought back to society August 7
• One jungle man was once a soldier in the Vietnam War
• Father took son into forest after Vietnam War bombing killed family members
• One child left to be brought up in civilization
• The pair refused to return, once fled back to forest
•  Slow, dull-eyed, shy of speech, with back bent down




Sweaters made by the men in the jungle


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