Vietnamese Men Emerge From Jungle 40 Years After War, Having No Outside Contact

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The jungle men are Ho Van Thanh, 82, and his son, Ho Van Lang, 42, who were spotted by some locals in a deep forest in the central province’s Tay Tra District and were brought back to their native land by local authorities on August 7, 2013.


Now, a relative of theirs has turned up and told Tuoi Tre their story. He is Ho Van Tri, the brother of Lang, and Thanh’s youngest son who luckily survived the bombing 40 years ago and who lived normally in civilization.

When Thanh and Sang went to the forest, Tri was just a 3-month boy.

Failed to persuade them to return to society

When Tri grew up later as a normal child and knew that his father was still alive, he and his uncle went to the forest to look for Thanh and Sang and finally met them but failed to persuade them to return to society.


Therefore, Tri had no other choice but to let his father and elder brother stay in the forest. After that, he visited them once every year, supplying them with necessary items, until some residents recently spotted them and reported to authorities, Tri told Tuoi Tre.

The old man was in bad health condition when being found by a search team set up by the local government, so he had to be taken out of the forest on a hammock to Tra Kem Hamlet, Tra Xinh Commune.

The Tay Tra District Health Center has made medical check-ups and given care for the him, along with his son, but the old man could still not talk much.

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