A Day in the Life of A 7 Year Old: Off Grid Living

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Stella Fouch has lived off the grid since she was four and in her perspective, it's the best thing ever!  " She took to the lifestyle immediately.  She could go exploring, turn things upside down, break things.  It was quickly her place," her parents said.

For those of us living the modern city life, the idea of not having a TV or the latest gadget can seem unfathomable, but for Stella, the forest has become her entertainment.  To entertain herself, she crochets, knits, makes bread.

Her parents say that by far she is the best chicken catcher.  

When asked her thoughts on using the outhouse and the toilet that doesn't flush, it didn't really phase her.  "We just don't think about it."  She did mention that she is looking forward to the day their house is finished and she can use the restroom in the house.

Chores are a part of everyday life and while she is a kid and can sometimes not "want" to do them, when you live off-grid everyone has their place and job and you just do it.

So to a 7 old, life without the modern conveniences is great!  "Do you like your life?  Yeah!"

Stella, you rock!

A Day in the Life:

Source: Fouch-o-matic Off Grid

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