A Man In Debt Demolishes His House And Drops It In Front Of The Bank

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Just a few years ago, the housing market bubble ended in a collapse whose ripple effect was a wave that spread around the planet.  As people were losing their homes, tensions were high, and mistakes were made in some cases:

But one man would not let his frustration get the best of him.....  he found a creative outlet to pour it into ...... um...

At the end of 2013, a man from Lovech-Bulgaria who could not afford to pay the mortgage for his house gave his last penny to demolish it right before the banksters took it away.

The land that the house was built on was not included in the mortgage so the family decided to destroy the house and give it to its new owner.

The remains of the building were loaded on a big truck and moved to the central district office of the bank in the city of Teteven, where the contract for the mortgage was signed.

The man who was in debt to the bank and his whole family entered the office and started crying and begging for mercy, but the director said that they can’t make exceptions and the family had a week to vacant the house.

Imagine the director’s face after the family got out of the office and his precious new house was unloaded in front of the bank’s main entrance…

We live in a world where so many employees are not empowered to deal with the circumstances that stand before them.  Companies are guided by systems of directives and phone systems are often poorly tailered to keep you in a loop or send you to look on the internet for a solution, rather than proactively expecting that your issue is one which needs personal attention and a conversation.  Banks have more financial incentive to foreclose on homes with low payoff balances.

All of these situations increase stress and deress, when often what people need is not debt forgiveness, but a debt vacation.   

Okay, so while we're at it... let's see what these guys did during their foreclosure stress:

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