After Earning A Purple Heart, A Soldier Becomes A Cowboy

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Josh Eilers was an Army Sergeant:  A team leader in the first Ranger Battalion.  On his fourth deployment to Afghanistan, he took shrapnel under a Taliban attack, and was awarded the purple heart.  He had saved up a lot of money while in the military, so he traded in his soldier boots, and picked up a set of Cowboy boots.  

Josh says he found the serenity that can only be found outside the city limits.

"I like to say there's a therapeutic value to each of these animals, and I think that's huge!  They're relaxing, you know they're always happy to see you."

Josh has decided to share his refuge with other former soldiers.

"It's a ton of work, but I have a lot of friends and fellow veterans who come out and help.  I can't think of a better life.  We're up on a hilltop where the breeze is blowin'."

Josh delivers fresh beef directly to people in Austin. He's also hoping to deliver to local restaurants soon.   There's nothing healthier than Grass Fed cattle, and when you're getting it straight from the rancher, you know what kind of beef you're getting.  I'm sure if you asked, he'd let you pet em before you eat em  ;)

After risking his life for the sake of our country, it's great to see him living out his dream!

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