In The Amish Bakery And Restaurant, Good Things Are Stirring!

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While I'm out working in Muskogee, I had to make a stop at the good ole Amish Bakery and Restaurant, where they serve some delicious fixins!  The store goods are packaged and canned in Pennsylvania or Georgia, and the bakery goods are fresh made by the Amish right here in Oklahoma!  mmmm delicious!  I bought an apple pie and some fresh hand made soap while I was there.  But in the middle of eating some delicious chicken and dumplings, I ran into a fellow I had met once before.  Three or four years ago in Sapulpa, my family was setting down to breakfast.  A gentleman was using wire cutters to make little shapes.  When I asked him what he was making, he took his time in explainging, and when he was done, handed my kids each a wire puzzle of their own.  Each one was made in the shape of an animal, and they were really excited to get them!  

So this time, when I saw him, I struck up conversation, recanting the memory, and again, he was up to making wire puzzles.  We had a great chat, and in the middle of it, I decided to tape (or phone since we don't use tape any more) what he was up to next..... video on page 2...

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