Arizona Man Finds Cold-War Fallout Shelter Hidden Underneath His Backyard

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Talk about Time Capsules! This is what happened to a man in Tucson after receiving a tip on the house that he had just purchased.  He discovered this 1960's Capsule!  A restoration plan is on the way and I'm sure this will be a great story to tell family around the fireplace for years to come.

In Tucson, Arizona, one homeowner recently got an unexpected tip from the property’s previous owner that led him to dig up a hidden ‘hatch,’ and what was underneath it left the man truly amazed.

John Sims, otherwise known as Reddit user Captantacitca, has recently announced that he was surprised to hear from his property’s previous owner about a hidden “hatch” on his land. After Sims did some research, he not only found a rough drawing of the “hatch” at city records, but he also discovered that it was built as a 1960’s Cold War-era fallout shelter.

Once Sims opened the hatch, he was surprised to find steps leading down to the shelter, with only a few of them crumbled from erosion. Sims carefully climbed down to investigate, but he was shocked to find a little piece of history in his own backyard.

Upon entering, he realized that the shelter was made out of concrete and had a fiberglass ceiling. There was no furniture or supplies inside, but Sims excitedly announced on Reddit that he plans to restore the place to its “original glory.”

According to Daily Mail, the “Cold War hit close to home in the Tucson area, where between the 1960s and the 1980s eighteen intercontinental ballistic missiles equipped with nuclear warheads were deployed in the Sonora desert around the city.”

Although you may think you know everything about your home, one small discovery may change your mind completely. Wouldn’t it be nice to find a little piece of history, tucked away in your own backyard? I know I wouldn’t mind.

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