Conservation Minded Eco Warrior Gets The Message Out - In the News

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"Just a little over two years ago I called my first news station and told them about my adventure. I wanted them to come report and help me spread the word. Sure enough they showed up. Since then I have cycled across the United States, twice, on a bamboo bicycle, went a year without showering, and dove into over a thousand dumpsters across America, all to inspire positive social and environmental change. Dozens of news stations across America have helped me to inspire more people than I will ever know. Now I live off the grid in a fifty-square-foot tiny home in San Diego and they're covering that too.

Here's my adventures as the news reports it!"

Whether the first time you heard about Rob Greenfield, he was going without shoes, or cycling and dumpster diving across America, or if he simply was the guy you heard went without showers for a year, and says he doesn't stink.....   Rob is getting the message out there, and helping us to contemplate waste and the way we live.  If everyone makes little changes, we can collectively save a lot!

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