Could You Handle Going Off The Grid? This Family Did It, And Loves It

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Ester and Nick left everything they had behind to live without electricity, running water, or any means of communication in the backwoods of Eastern Idaho.  They moved into the backwoods of eastern Idaho and built a yurt.  

Nick used to have a long commute.  He spent a lot of time this way, away from family and a regular 9-5 job.  There must be a better way.  There is such a high rate of divorce out there, and much of it because families don't work together any more.  One parent escapes to the working world to go find money, and bring it back to pay for family life.  The internet gives us perspective on another type of life.... one where people seem happy staying and working together.  They decided to venture out there and do something different.  

With the work of their hands, Nick and Ester built a homestead, assembled a yurt, set up a water well hand pump, and live a different life than before.  

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