6 People In One Tiny House

Categories: Life Stories

The reality of going off-the-grid seems like a dream that will never be quite attained. The realities of life always seem to be in the way. But lets continue reading and meet this young family of six that have started their journey.

I often get emails from people asking how someone can actually do it in today’s day and age, or lamenting over all the obstacles they see getting in the way of their dream.

  • How will they make money while living off-the-grid?
  • How can they live their current lifestyle in an off-grid setting?
  • How will they power their home?
  • How can they find land that is suitable for building an off-grid home?

For these reasons I’m going to start highlighting some real-life examples and stories of how people have successfully made the transition into off-grid living. We started with some brief profiles a couple weeks ago, sharing a couple stories from people who are living a mobile off-grid lifestyle. Today we are going to take a deeper dive, as we share the story of one family who decided to take the plunge and are now living their dream.

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