Fiddleback Got Me! What Happened On My Venomous Encounter

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This is the fiddleback spider that got me in bed in my hotel room about 10 days ago on my left thigh.  Through what seems to be the miraculous effects of one particular plant, the spider had little effect on me following it's use.  Read through to know this backwoods trick to deal with your venemous bite.  Please note, I am not a doctor, and I cannot give you medical advise due to all of the complications that are possible.  If you get bitten, see your doctor.  This is my account of a personal experience I had this past couple of weeks.


Day 2 (sorry about the hairy legs)

day 2.jpg


day 3b.jpg

Day 4 - I posted about it on my personal facebook page, and everbody advised me to go to the doctor.  I went, and he prescribed me steroids and antibiotics  He told me there would be nothing that could be done for the necrosis that would follow.  The antibiotic would prevent infection, and the steroid would reduce swelling.  I spent $185 on the visit, and $90 on generic meds.  

day 4b.jpg

Day 5 had a horrible reaction and was sick to my stomach all day (maybe from the steroid, maybe from the spider venom, maybe from the insecticide the hotel sprayed after they heard I was bitten.)  Nevertheless I stopped taking the meds.  A facebook friend had told me to call him.  I did, and he told me about his great success 7 times over using "Plantain Weed."

day 5.jpg

It was after this picture it began to blacken like a bruise as well.  It had about a silver dollar sized hard tissue inside

day 5b.jpg

From pictures on line I found this weed at my hotel in the lawn.  It grows as a weed in many grassy areas.

plantain weed 3.jpg

The morning after, you can see the Plantain weed leaf absorbed moisture from the wound.

overnight patch.jpg

When I awoke, the redness was gone, the dollar sized hard spot had reduced to about half the size of a penny under the skin.  The irritation was gone, the skin surface peeled back, and I went on to work again.  I only needed the one night with the weed on it.  It has quickly reduced since.

post plantain weed.jpg

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