Amazing World Of Tree Houses And Zip Lines

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Where on Earth can you go and find beauty like this... .where there is a sustainable community that powers by the sun and grows from the land, and works together in harmony?

There are very few places like this

Welcome to the Mystic World of Finca Bellavista!


I hope you're not afraid of heights!


Yoga Classes Now Available for guests


Several New Guest Houses For Rental Vacations


Come And Visit With Us!


And Now A Special Presentation:


This Is a sustainable treehouse in the jungle of Costa Rica.

We live here, and you can visit here.  There's no place more exhilerating anywhere!


Nope no worries here


You know who's great? Our new volunteer crew...Welcome to the finca Riley, Daniel, Juan Pablo, Avery & Art!


Can you smell that?  Mmmm  there's oxygen being made here... everywhere!


The Gladiator Tree Frogs have been dropping in to our evening Happy Hour lots in January... Aren't they cute?



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