From The House To A Boat, From The Boat To An Island: An Off Grid Story

Categories: Life Stories

The property had been for sale for a couple of years. The asking price had been way above our budget, so we had never really considered it. It is a buyer’s market on the island right now, so we hopped in our skiff and went for a boat ride to Port Royal. We fell in love with the property immediately. There was a 90-foot long dock already in place, deep water and 2.33 acres of beautiful land, much of it perfect for grazing horses.

Morena and Rey:

The property had 141 feet of clean, sandy beach and an artesian well with a cistern. There were schools of large fish swimming through crystal-clear water. It was absolutely perfect for us. It seemed too good to be true. 

“Could we do it, we asked ourselves?” We had successfully lived on a boat for ten years. Much of that time was spent anchored in remote spots in foreign lands. Certainly if we had lived like this for ten years, we could begin a new life, off the grid. How hard could it be?

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