Go Live Off The Grid With The Residents Of Slab City

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The Free Folks

Now, a few hundred to a few thousand people are living here at any given time. They pay rent to no one. They answer to no one. They're all living off the grid. 

Slab Industries

There are businesses in Slab City, after a fashion. You can buy a year-long membership to the Oasis Club for $20, where they serve coffee from 7 to 10 a.m. Slab City even has a pirate radio station. An artist from New York runs it out of his solar-powered Airstream. He sells T-shirts to tourists who come to Slab City.

That’s Entertainment

The lending library works pretty simply: leave a book to take a book. If you don't want to read, head to one of Slab City's two live music stages. There are several clubs for socializing as well. 

Migrating Souls

Some people come here for the winter, escaping snow and ice. Around 200 people live here year-round. Some have even sold their homes to make a new life for themselves out among the slabs. The Tree of Souls (Soles) is one of the better-known Slab City attractions. Leave some shoes, take some shoes, no one cares what you do here. 


Permanent residents are known as "slabbers," though some might call them heroes for having the courage to brave the 120-degree summer temperatures in the desert. 

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